You and your group of treasure hunters have gone in search of buried treasure at Tadpole Tower. You have crossed dry deserts, wild rivers and travelled deep into the frightening forest before arriving at Tadpole Tower. After several hours of digging, you found what you were looking for, a buried chest containing gold, silver, diamonds, rubies and jewels! It was getting late so you decided to set up camp and spend the night at Tadpole Tower. When everyone woke up the next morning, the treasure chest had disappeared! Someone has been very sneaky and stolen the treasure chest so they can keep everything for themselves. Your job is to find out which one of you is the thief who has stolen the chest and to try and find where they have hidden the treasure. 

The Thief has been very careless and left a lot of clues lying around the area so see how many you can find and see if you can solve the mystery!  The first one to correctly identity of the Thief and the correct location of the hidden treasure will be the winner!  Good luck Treasure Hunters!         


This game is designed for children from about the age of 6 to 12 years.  This game is educational as well as being enjoyable and like all my games, can be played many times with a different outcome each time.  Although it is part of my Murder Mystery range, there is absolutely no murder or any other content that should upset a child  This game is a perfect addition for a children's party or as an educational tool.


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Childrens mystery party games

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