If you have any questions about our Murder Mystery Games, please check to see if it's answered below.  If not, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 


Q1: How is my Murder Mystery Game delivered?

A1: As soon as your payment has cleared, you'll be emailed the game in the form of a "Zip file" attachment.  Save the Zip file to your computer and then open it to access all the game files.  You should receive a Hosts information pack, individual packs for each character in your game and a "Read me First" file which gives you more information about your chosen game.


Q2: What format are the game files delivered in?

A2: The game files are all delivered in a PDF format.  If your device doesn't support PDF formats, please let us know and we can send them to you in a Microsoft Word format instead.  


Q3: How much printing is involved for the Murder Mystery Games?

A3: Our recommendation is always to email your guests with their individual character pack at least a week in advance to allow them to either print it out (6 pages per character pack) or to have them bring it on a portable device such as an IPad or Tablet which they can refer to during the party.  For the hosts information pack, it is a fairly lengthy file (30+ pages depending on your game).  Again we would recommend that rather than print all these pages out, you simply have the file open on a laptop, IPad, Tablet, etc. and read from it at the required times.  This way, you will only need to print the final few pages of the hosts pack which contain all the maps and illustrations you need for the party.


Q4: How much printing is involved for the Children's Mystery Games?

A4: The Children's Mystery Games involve much less printing.  Typically, you would just need to print out the one page of clues which related to the guilty party you have selected, one page for the map, one page of tokens for the children and then enough detective note sheets for the amount of children you have playing.  Usually you would be looking at about 8 printed pages in total    


Q5: How long should each game last?

A5: That really depends on how long you want them to last and how much fun everyone is having.  For the Children's games, allow approximately 30 to 45 minutes per game.  For the Murder Mystery Games, allow 90 minutes to two hours per game.  


Q6: What happens if I have more people attending my Murder Mystery Party; can you add in extra characters?

A6: If you have extra guests attending your party, we usually recommend allocating the extra guests to the role of bystanders or police detectives.  These people would be able to observe and interact with the main characters throughout the party but would be free to invent their own back story.  It would need to be made clear to everyone that these people are extras and not part of the main story line and so the only help they can give is any secret information they've heard from the main characters.  Although these extra players cannot be chosen as the murderer or the victim, they can still attempt to solve the murder in the same way.


Q7: How much of the game is scripted?

A7: We prefer to minimise the amount of scripts in our game as the feedback we've received from our customers over the years indicates this allows them to improvise more and play their character in their way.  Each character is given a personality profile to work to along with secret information about themselves and some of the other characters.  The only scripted parts of the game you'll find are with the character introductions, the conversation starters and, if you're the guilty party, the confession.  The sneak previews allow you to see how this format appears in the game files.