The famous millionaire businessman, Rudolph Rams-Bottom, was preparing to celebrate his 80th Birthday at his luxurious country home, Ewe Tree Hall.  His close family and friends were looking forward to celebrating with him but were shocked by the sudden announcement that he planned to step down as head of the family business.  The whole house was alive with rumours as Rudolph promised to announce his successor by the end of the night. A few hours later and several miles away, a local detective was preparing to go home for the night when the call came through. A body had been found at the Rams-Bottoms home and it appeared to be murder! The detective was on the scene within minutes and held everyone at Ewe Tree Hall, pending the investigation. What guilty secrets were people hiding, who would resort to murder to keep those secrets hidden and most importantly, can the killer be brought to justice? Could it have been.... 

Albert Rams-Bottom - The Only Child 

Archie Bishop - The Boy from Oz  

Bertie Ramsbottom - The Black Sheep 

Elizabeth Ramsbottom - The Daughter 

Felicity Ramsbottom - The Unwilling Wife

Gwendolyn Rams-Bottom - The Patriarch

Hubert Bootpolisher - The Butler

Lionel Bishop - The Unwelcome In Law

Margaret Vash - The Lawyer

Petunia Potions - The Family Nurse

Rudolph Rams-Bottom - The Boss

Walter Bewter-Smith - The Outsider


All will be revealed in Mayhem At Ewe Tree Hall!


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