A young entrepreneur, Ralph Mendez, had been struggling to hit the big time for many years.  After so many failures, he was finally ready to unveil his first state of the art restaurant, which he hoped would catapult him onto bigger and better challenges. Set on three floors, Restauranta Mendez was capable of seating up to 300 guests. It had four large banqueting suites, a luxurious bar area on the ground and first floor, a large, beautiful garden area and a comfortable reception area. The restaurant had been fully booked for the grand opening the following night and members of the press and several celebrities were planned to be amongst the guests. Ralph had invited his friends and family along on the night before the grand opening, to enjoy the restaurant in all its glory. The meal itself was a seeming huge success and everyone appeared to be impressed at what Ralph had achieved. However, later that night, a call came through to the local police station, a body had been found at Restauranta Mendez and it appeared to be murder! The police were on the scene within minutes, sealed the restaurant and held the occupants. What guilty secrets were people hiding, who would resort to murder to keep those secrets hidden and most importantly, can you bring the killer to justice before they strike again?  Could the killer be....

Andrew Fletcher - The Head Waiter  

Chloe Mendez - The Perfect Daughter  

Christina Mendez - The Jobless Wife 

Elliot Childs - The Fighter   

Frank Lee - The Unknown 

Fredrick Mendez - The Classical Pianist  

Jules Fletcher - A Daughter of God   

Marsha Mendez - The Inspiration   

Paul Cook - The Head Chef  

Ralph Mendez - The Entrepreneur 

Ruth Childs - The Material Woman  

Vicky Fletcher - The Fashion Student  

Zack Childs - The Best Friend  


All will be revealed in Serving Up a Murder! 


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