They were a group like no other. Coming from all corners of the globe, they had a love of travel and their large bank balances were matched only by their fame, influence and egos. They had not met in many years, but all that was about to change. They had all received an invite from Molly Camper to attend a grand celebration at her luxurious Egyptian holiday home on the banks of the River Nile. The celebration was in honour of Molly's good friend Randy Alexander, a rich American Lawyer who had just turned 50. Despite the fact that most of the group did not know Randy, they were all keen to except the invite and the chance to regale everyone with stories of their latest successes. As the sun set over the Egyptian landscape, the peace was shattered by a scream and the celebration descended into chaos. A body had been found in Molly's luxurious home! Had someone angered the ancient Egyptian Gods, had some evil curse befallen the unlucky victim or was it just cold blooded murder? Can you to solve the mystery and bring the killer to justice before they strike again.   Who knows, you might be next…..  Could it have been.....


Anna Paris - The French Friend

Bernard Haggis - The Scottish Lord

Claus Santos - The German Traveller

David Camper - The American Nature Lover

Molly Camper - The English Hostess

Cecil Bellows - The famous Celloist

Mermayda Swimmer - The German Champion

 Simon Fiction - The Old Author

Valerie Fiction - The young wife

Randy Alexander - The Guest of Honour

Robert Writer - A Man of Many Talents

All will be revealed in... "Murder on the Nile!" 


Please be aware that this game is recommended for ages 18+ due to adult themes as part of the murder mystery


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