They had all been waiting for this night… the glamorous SOFA Film Awards Ceremony! After an evening of excitement, drama, anticipation and disappointments, it was time for the prestigious After-Party; a chance for the celebrities to gloat, drown their sorrows and rub shoulders with the rich and famous. Think, ‘Vanity Fair post-Oscars Party’ or ‘Vogue Party after BAFTAs’.  However, the celebrations were about to take a dark turn, conjuring more drama and suspense than any of the award-winning films…. Murder!!  Who was destined to die, why would anyone want them dead and most importantly, can the killer be caught. This is "The Red Carpet Murder!"  Could it have been....
Sven Diagram - The Bartender

Maise White - The Late Arrival

Robert "Bob" Down - The Disappointed Celebrity

Gloria Sycon - The Best Actress Nominee

Sofia Sowgood - The Sofa Wars Celeb

Hugo Furst - The Married man

Layla Lathyrus - The Wandering Star

Grayson Flaver - More than just an Actor

Kurt Hencall - Does his own Stunts!

Paige Turner - The National Treasure

Jay Pegg - The Photographer to the Stars

Bristol Hemp - The Costume Designer

Goldie Settler - The Usherette of the Year

Yorick Genial - The Director 

All will be revealed in... The Red Carpet Murder!!


This murder mystery is written by our guest author, Peter Elmy.  It is a fun packed and entertaining murder mystery game with just one murderer and one victim.  We hope you enjoy The Red Carpet Murder and look out for Peter's next game coming soon! 


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