About The Authors:

Peter Elmy

I live in Somerset with Julie, my wife. We have two grown up children who now live and work in London and Bristol. Julie and I both love to travel; most often in our campervan with Mabel the dog. I adore being in the mountains.

I have worked in schools as a teacher throughout my career and have loved it. Having a science background and parents who enjoyed playing cards, I grew up relishing games and puzzles.

The murder mystery party game, Red Carpet Murder, was initially written to be an entertaining evening for a group of friends. I had hand-written a game years ago and gave myself the challenge of writing this party game when we booked a holiday away together.

The game gave us the opportunity to dress up and act out our characters. It also brought about some light-hearted teasing about the similarities and differences we had with the characters that we played.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing this murder mystery game and it was very heartening to get the encouragement from my friends to have the game published. I sincerely hope you enjoy it!